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Five ways a virtual receptionist will benefit your small business

February 24, 2014

Hunt, Megan “Five ways a virtual receptionist will benefit your small business”,,;  posted  unknown retirieved 02/24/14

Many small businesses often do not have the in-house resources available to take high volumes of calls. Unfortunately this can lead to dissatisfied customers, loss of business and a rather stressful work-life. If you have found yourself in this situation, then why not consider outsourcing your administrative workload to a virtual receptionist? In this article we will explain five of the ways a virtual receptionist will benefit your small business.

Many small businesses benefit from outsourcing their admin work to a virtual receptionist

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1. Increased efficiency

As a small business owner you will know just how time consuming mundane paperwork tasks and other admin activities can be. Outsourcing these tasks to a virtual receptionist will enable you to focus on more important elements of your business, such as sales, admin or how to improve efficiency. You will have more time to focus on what you to best, whilst your virtual receptionist answers emails, handles your invoices and schedules your meetings. Whilst benefiting from better time management, you will also have the peace of mind knowing your virtual receptionist will never miss an important call.

2. Quality customer service

The virtual receptionist you work with will have been trained in customer service and have the necessary skills and experience to ensure they can fulfil the role to a high standard. Each phone call they take for your business will be handled in a professional manner, ensuring your customers are always completely satisfied with the service they are receiving. Whilst providing exceptional customer service for your business, a virtual receptionist will also be able to take calls beyond regular office hours.

3. Support

Although running your own business is extremely satisfying, at times it can also be very stressful. A virtual receptionist will provide support that you can rely on. They will ensure that your business is organised at all times, by keeping paperwork up to date and passing on phone and email messages as they receive them. The thought of not having to manage everything on your own can be quite comforting!

4. Cost effective

Outsourcing your admin tasks to a virtual receptionist will eliminate the expense of employing a full time worker. For small business owners in particular, this can work out extremely cost effective as they will usually pay a set fee for the virtual receptionist package, rather than an hourly rate. Outsourcing your workload will also prevent you from needing to pay holiday or sick pay, like you would if you hired a full time employee. There is also no need to worry about office space or purchasing equipment, as the virtual receptionist will work from a separate location, using their own equipment.

5. Increased professionalism

If you work from home, you may find that it is hard to separate your work life from your personal life. By hiring a virtual receptionist to take your calls you will no longer have to worry about being disturbed by clients after hours or at the weekend when you need some personal time. Not only that but it will also make your business look better established and more professional. This is very beneficial for businesses that have recently launched and are looking to make their mark on the industry.

The virtual receptionist you hire may work from home or at another office location

Whether you have recently set up your small business and want to make it appear more reputable, or are simply struggling to handle high volumes of calls by yourself, outsourcing your work to a virtual receptionist is the solution you have been looking for. Not only will hiring a virtual receptionist improve your customer service, but it will also increase your business’s efficiency. You will be able to put your skills to better use, swapping boring paper work tasks for planning and developing new business strategies.

By Megan Hunt

Image credits: alanclarkdesign & Victor1558

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