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A Virtual Legal Assistant Can Help You Run Your Practice “Virtually”

January 14, 2014

Lawyernomics  “A Virtual Legal Assistant Can Help You Run Your Practice “Virtually”  Cited from: A Virtual Legal Assistant Can Help You Run Your Practice “Virtually””  posted on March 9, 2012 in Practice Management retirved January 14, 2014

  • A few years ago, I was complaining to my friend Allison Nazarian that I was overwhelmed with the administrative tasks of running the law practice and I did not have enough time to do legal work or business development. As a small business owner herself, she has experienced the same problem in her writing business. Allison suggested that I hire a virtual assistant for my practice. Having never heard of this concept, I was curious to learn more.

The “virtual” assistant

She explained to me that the concept is simple. Your assistant works “virtually” out of their home office and can perform most administrative duties for your practice. I thought this would be expensive, and as a small law practice it would be difficult for me to afford an additional payroll. But Allison explained that the benefit of a virtual assistant is that I pay only for the time the assistant is working on my practice. Since the virtual assistant also works with other clients throughout the day, I do not need to keep someone on a full time payroll. Allison also pointed out that the cost of paying the Virtual Assistant would be significantly less than the cost of me performing administrative duties. She was right.

Team Double Click

I wanted to know where I could hire a virtual assistant, and Allison referred me to Team Double Click ( based in Colorado. I called them and explained my situation. They explained that their program works like a staffing agency. The Virtual Assistant works exclusively for your firm and learns your procedures and protocols; you receive a report on a daily basis on what the Virtual Assistant accomplished that day. Every Monday, you receive a detailed invoice and the fees for the Virtual Assistant are paid through your checking account. Since you are paying Team Double Click, they pay their Virtual Assistant directly and handle any tax or payroll issues. It’s that simple!

After giving them my requirements for the Virtual Assistant, they sent me a number of resumes for me to review. I interviewed several candidates and selected Aimee as my assistant. The decision of utilizing Team Double Click and Aimee was a turning point in my practice. Aimee manages my practice “virtually” from her home office. After nearly three years, it is seamless to the clients and other attorneys how well we work together. Our communication is synchronized so that it appears as she works physically in my office in Coral Springs, Florida. In fact, when I have clients come to my office to meet me, they ask for her. In addition to handling all client and court correspondence, handling new client calls, and coordinating hearings with opposing counsel and the court, the use of a Virtual Assistant has helped me provide a better service to my clients and thus, increase my business and enhance my professional image.

If you are a solo practitioner or a small practice and need to hire administrative staff on a part time or full time basis, I recommend you consider hiring a virtual assistant. If you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss with you how I was able to implement this new feature in my practice.

Cited from: A Virtual Legal Assistant Can Help You Run Your Practice “Virtually” – Lawyernomics

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