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Improve Productivity By Hiring A Virtual Receptionist

September 4, 2013

Guest Author “Improve Productivity By Hiring A Virtual Receptionist”, Posted date:  March 25, 2013, Date retrieved: September 4, 2013.

Virtual receptionists are coveted by many people because they don’t cost a lot, but they can help companies appear more professional. Hiring a virtual receptionist is more economical than hiring a full-time professional. Virtual receptionists can be available 24 hours per day and can screen callers, forward calls, schedule appointments, take accurate messages, and take orders. You will not miss calls or sales because you don’t have someone to take your calls when your staff is unavailable. Here are some of the benefits of a virtual receptionist:




 1. Transfer Calls Anywhere

Calls can be transferred to employees regardless of the originating location. The calls can be transferred to mobile numbers or to another number where the caller’s concerns can be properly addressed. This is important for traveling sales people and other traveling employees.

2. Every Customer Can Talk to a Live Agent

When every customer can talk to a virtual receptionist, the chances of resolving a problem or making a sale are greater. Live receptionists are necessary for this reason.

3. Outsourcing Frees Employees of Monotonous Tasks

Virtual receptionists perform redundant tasks instead of your company’s top talent. Employees can focus on networking and attracting new clients instead of answering the phones, routing calls, and taking messages.

4. Helpful for Employees Who Travel Frequently

Employees who travel frequently need time to meet with clients. They should not worry about answering calls and resolving issues that can be handled by an employee who is not instrumental to other areas of the job.

 5. Adjustments Can Be Made At Any Time

With a virtual receptionist, adjustments can be made to the message at any time.

6. Handles Other Tasks Conducive to Outsourcing

These tasks include data processing, proofreading, and email management. These services can also handle financial transactions and bookkeeping tasks. Virtual receptionists are designed to save money and time by processing payments, balancing bank statements, paying payroll taxes, and by generating invoices. Virtual specialists may also process paychecks and prepare paperwork for compliance purposes. This annual reporting is required by law.

7. Improved Productivity:

Virtual receptionists can improve your productivity at your office. With improved productivity, there will be more satisfied customers and more opportunities to make sales. When sales go up, companies become more profitable and are more likely to thrive. Start-up companies need to improve their profits to increase their chances of having a company with longevity.

 The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

The benefits of a virtual receptionist are far-reaching. More companies of all sizes are using a virtual receptionist at their offices to help their employees focus on mission critical tasks instead of menial tasks. There are several virtual receptionists online that can be selected by offices to perform these tasks.

Several different monthly packages are available to companies to meet their needs. Some companies will need only phone services and other companies will require more extensive services. Before dismissing the usefulness of a virtual receptionist, review these benefits and cost savings and then, make an informed decision.

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