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The Ultimate Multi-Tasker – Do You Have One Yet?

June 27, 2013 “The Ultimate Multi-Tasker – Do You Have One Yet?” Posted on November 21, 2009, Retrieved on June 27, 2013


Does your business have a variety of needs that tend to go unmet because you are always busy with work issues?

conciergeMaybe what you need is a Virtual Assistant with the multitasking expertise of a concierge professional.

Organization is hard to manage for some business entrepreneurs. It is enough work for a business owner just creating new products to take to market or managing the services that you provide isn’t it? And in the grand scheme of things how much other important stuff often gets missed?

What you need as a business owner is someone to pay attention to detail so that events and product unveilings go off without a hitch right??


A business has many areas of operation. Take for instance a catering service that is preparing for an event. Besides the food, there is the equipment, hiring workers, uniforms and a million other details. Forgetting even one thing can hinder the event and cost the business a client.

Let’s say your organization wants to set up a national meeting for its members. After the date is set and the invitations go out, the real work begins. There are hotels to reserve, entertainment, caterers and other arrangements to make. They need help managing the particulars.

The unsung hero of major events is the one who handles all of the things that go along with the grand ideas that you think up. None other than your Concierge Virtual Assistant! Only a well organized person can coordinate and handle all of this with zeal which is where a multitasking, concierge Virtual Assistant can come in mighty handy!

Multitasking is not for the faint of heart. A Virtual Assistant that was once the right arm of an executive or another management professional knows how demanding it can be to handle every detail and are typically very adept in this area of organization.

For the highly organized and multi-talented Virtual Assistant, they use their skills to help in every aspect of their client’s life which is a very rewarding challenge to the VA. Some of the duties a Concierge Virtual Assistant can do for you are:

  • Event planning
  • Business scheduling
  • Making personal appointments
  • Planning parties
  • Hiring various services
  • Buying personal and corporate gifts
  • Hotel reservations
  • Travel arrangements for clients
  • Paying personal bills
  • Handling household activities

A Concierge Virtual Assistant is a personal assistant and business assistant all rolled into one. When a business client has an idea for a new product, the VA is the one doing the fact finding. If you forget to schedule doctor’s appointments for the kids, your VA can call the dentist and arrange it. Your entire schedule is managed by your Virtual Assistant so that they are where they need to be when they need to be there.

A Concierge virtual assistant takes care of a your personal and business needs with an air of professionalism. Do you have one yet?

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