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Sell more: show how your business helps buyers accomplish their goals

June 13, 2013

Stein, Ron “Sell more: show how your business helps buyers accomplish their goals.” Posted on 5/31/2013, Retrived on 6/13/2013.

Sell more: show how your business helps buyers accomplish their goals

Ron Stein | 5/31/2013

Is your company loaded with great information? You know, truly usable knowledge that illuminates an issue your audience has and how to overcome it. Before you answer too quickly, think about it from a prospect’s point of view.

In today’s competitive environment filled with marketing noise at every turn, one of the best ways to quickly get noticed and maintain an edge long-term is to become a knowledge source.

Make your business the go-to expert.

And I’m not talking about simply taking a brochure or information sheet and posting it as a static web page. Your audience wants to learn how to actually do something that will help them. But it can be overwhelming and frustrating.

You’ve been there. All you want to do is find a business that explains how what they sell helps you. Instead, all you come across are companies that try to justify to the world what they sell.

So, you move on, hoping to discover what you need to solve your problem — offered up by another business. Is that how your audience feels about you?

Deliver the information that’s needed — and your audience is looking for — in the places they hang out, at the right time. Adopting this as a strategy will differentiate your business. It’ll get what you have of value shared. Search engines will find you. And it will generate leads.

This goes beyond your website and social media. Certainly these are very important today, yet more than likely your targeted idea audience can be found other places too. Still, it all ties together.

That’s where an information-marketing hub comes into play. That will attract and convert prospects — and keep customers coming back for more of what you have. Here’s how.

Marketing is not about promotion. Yes, you read that correctly. The foundation of a marketing hub is your mindset. Before you explain what you sell, you must demonstrate how your business helps buyers solve their problems and accomplish their goals. That’s marketing and sales 101 and the only way you’ll stand out from the competition. Base your information-marketing hub strategy on this and revenue will follow.

Provide information that answers question before they’re asked. You don’t have to be a psychic, yet you’ve got to really know your market — and the people who buy. At first, their questions won’t be about you and why your company is the best choice for them. Why? They have no idea who you are, much less how you can help them. Have a list of answers to all the questions you can think of — all focusing on information people can use to get them a few steps closer to what they want. Weave these into all you do — your blogs, presentations, speaking engagements, website, information sheets — everything! Stories about how you’ve helped others in similar situations are very effective.

Build an information-marketing hub. You’ll find yourself engaging prospects and customers in different ways and across multiple channels. That’s a good thing, but it can be disjointed. You’ll need a little glue to make it a seamless experience, all pointing back to your company. Usually the hub is your website or a landing page. Think of it a core nucleus with connecting spokes to all of your information wherever it is and however it is delivered. All paths points back to your business. That makes it easier for prospects and customers to discover you and all the education you have to offer. And it’ll be easier for your marketing and sales team to put their finger on what they need to help customers too.

Think in terms of publishing information, knowledge, and education. Manage your content through an information-marketing hub strategy. Use it to deliver the information your targets want, how they want it, and when they want it in the buying cycle.

You and your company claim to be the experts that people turn to in your industry. Make that a true statement with an information-marketing hub that pulls your audience into an active relationship. What information do you need to give to get this started?

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