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How a Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your Business

May 6, 2013

Preston, Charles, “How a Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your Business” posted June 21, 2006, Retrieved on May 6, 2013

Receiving phone calls is a part of business. As a business owner you should know this; however, do you know that those phone calls could be having a negative impact on your business? It is hard to imagine how a simple phone call could negatively impact your business, but many businesses don’t just receive one phone call.

Excessive phone calls can be damaging to any business; however, they are most damaging to businesses that have an office setting. This is because when multiple phone calls are received it takes an employee away from something else that they could or should be doing. This decrease in productivity could lead to a large number of business problems. It may sound ironic that phone calls to a business can be bad, especially when it is clients who are calling. Since these clients are often the sole purpose for a business’s existence it often becomes a no win situation. You can’t very well ignore phone calls coming into your office, but at the same time you want and need your workers to stay focused and on task. Many business owners are left trying to decide which is more important, the care of customers or getting work completed. As previously mentioned, this situation may appear to be difficult to handle, unless a telephone answering service is used. A telephone answering service is comprised of a group of individuals who are trained in customer service. Their job is to answer phone calls when someone else can’t. A telephone answering service can be used when an office is shut down for the holidays or due to employee vacations. In addition to being used for an extended period of time, a telephone answering service is also used when an employee cannot get to their phone. This often occurs when an employee may be away from their desk or they are in the middle of another project. When a telephone answering service picks up a phone call they try to assist the caller in any way that they can. Telephone answering service workers who are familiar with your business may even be able to answer common customer questions. Once a call has been forwarded to a telephone answering service the representative will often take a message and then later forward that message on to you or your workers. This feature is often effective at eliminating meaningless phone calls that may keep your employees occupied longer than they should be. Whether you are the owner of a law practice, medical practice, retail store, insurance agency, or another business there are a number of benefits to using a telephone answering service. Why keep your employees busy answering phone calls when there is another individual or company who is willing to do it for you?

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