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5 Habits of Successful Women

January 10, 2013

Rexroad, Kelley L.  “5 Habits of Successful Women” Posted on January 8, 2013,  Retrieved on January 10, 2013

5 Habits of

Successful Women

How can you be more successful going into the new year?  Single out the most successful women you know and watch what they do. I bet you’ll notice the five habits listed here.


5 Habits of Successful Women

1. They develop goals and focus on them.


They create a plan for the year, the month, the day. And then they execute those plans.


2. They accept responsibility for both the positive and the negative.


It’s easy to accept responsibility when everything is going right, but successful women also step up to handle negative situations. They don’t blame outside conditions or wait for someone else to fix it; they accept responsibility and deal with it.


3. They are decisive. 


They make a decision and then make it work. Rather than waiting, waiting, waiting… they decide and then go with it.


4. They are honest.


Colleagues and clients trust and believe in honest women, so they trust and believe in their products or services as well.


5. They help others.


Successful women support others even when there is no immediate return. They know that helping others will somehow come back around to reward them.


Wisdom from  

The Woman’s Advantage Calendar


Don’t confuse effort with results. Busyness is not Business!


Kelley L. Rexroad


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