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Go for the Greens Break Out Session Social Media: What’s Right for Your Company?

October 10, 2012


Stephanie McFee – Network of Executive Woman


Ruth Bastedo – Social Media Group

Chris McLaughlin – Maximize Social Media

Hollis Thomases – Web Ad. Vantage

Hollis Thomases started off by explaining that is there is push and pull social media marketing.  Push is where you are directly talking about your product.  Pull is where you get others to talk about your product. Once you decide which strategy is right for you then you need to figure out what aspect will be important to you so that you can measure it.  For example, some companies measure success through likes, some measure through views or others though postings on their site.

Chris McLaughlin told us that once you have your marketing plan, start with a solid base and work your way up.  For your business to be found you need to have a combination of SEO and social media.  Some key places to be right now are; Google Places and Google+ Local.  Get your customers to write reviews for you to increase your ranking with Google. Once you have your base, then choose which outlets you would like to go into LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.,  He warns, social media is social so do not simply make an account and not use it. You need to be actively writing and commenting. A good Idea would be to join a LinkedIn Group.  In these groups conversations are always happening and it will give you a great way to answer questions, ask questions or get a feel for what people are talking about. You can use these groups to position yourself as an expert or even to do research.

Ruth Bastedo finds that people just try to jump into social media marketing.  It is important that you have a clear marketing plan and then you can use that plan to figure out where and what type of social media to utilize. Knowing your customer is important knowing their likes can enable you to provide them relevant content and that is a great way to build your community.  Focus on certain topics. For example, articles about women in technology, or small business news. You can use different websites to help find the content. Content is another problem people find hard to produce.  Also knowing who they are will help you find where they are and then you can focus on these sites.

Stephanie McFee asked the panel what you advised for people who think there business can not work on social media.  Chris gave an example of a client that sold fans for RV.  The client did not think there was a way to participate in social media.  What his company did was start a page for people who RV and they build a community that talked about RVs, travel and places to go.  This got him in front of the buyers of his product.

Hollis Thomases and Stephaine McFee both mentioned finding your company’s voice is important.  What personality or tone dose your company have?  If you are the voice of the company, than use who you are. For example, if you are a mom talk about what you know and how it relates to your product or service.

Chris wanted us to know the key thing with social media is getting them to friend, like, follow, or connect with you.  They might only go to your page once so make sure you have relevant content there to make them want to connect with you. Once you are connected they will be seeing your newsfeeds, and that is how you can stay in front of them. Then keep finding different mediums or content to keep them interested. A post can go viral because others who are  connect with the people who connect with you will see it and they could like it. Or, get interactive and ask people to comment or post a picture. Once you are engaged, asking for the business is easy.

Ruth Bastedo says planning is important as no one has time to be on his or her social media all day.  This is where taking the time to plan out all your tweets or post will help you make sure you know what themes or topics you want to talk about. Then you can use websites such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, or to post content at a scheduled time.

Hollis also mentions that once you figure out what you want to say and when, change up your mediums such as articles, pictures, video, or ask questions.  This will keep things most interesting for your viewers.

To sum up the session, have a plan, know your customers, get involved in places your customers are, use tools to help manage content and keep posting it.

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  1. October 10, 2012 7:47 pm

    Thanks for summing this up so nicely and sharing it with the world, Alexis! 🙂

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