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Go For the Greens 2012 “Business Pitch” breakout session: “How is Your Company Perceived” – Tips from Wow Pitch app developer

September 28, 2012

I attended a great breakout session hosted by Anne Freedman with Speakout, Inc. in Miami FL.

The Topic was “How is Your Company Perceived”, in this session she talked about the 4 types of networkers and how to perfect your elevator speech.  Then we did an exercise, which allowed us to present the elevator speeches we just learned to create for everyone at our table.

Anne first spoke about the 4 types of Networkers.

  1. The Shark
  2. The Lamb
  3. The Social Butterfly
  4. The Octopus

The shark attacks you with, Hi! How are you and then starts pushing his business on you. The lamb is intimidated by the networking experience. The social butterfly meets someone and then immediately looks for the next person to network with. The octopus is who we all want to be; they maintain several relationships and juggle them all well.

Next we learn the key steps to making a successful elevator speech.

1. Get their attention

2. Create a relationship, which will lead to business, new opportunities, etc.

Your elevator speech should not be an “in your face sales” pitch. It should create interest and start a conversation. Your elevator speech should have the following

  1. Greeting
  2. Opening
  3. How you solve a problem
  4. Your name and organization
  5. Closing words or call to action

When a person is listening to your speech they are thinking, why should I care? What is in it for me, and who cares? Your job with your elevator speech is to answer one of these questions so that you peak their interest.  People are always motivated to listen by three common factors; greed, entertainment, and how can they save money. You need to make sure your pitch answers one of these motivators.

People often make the mistake of parlaying their written literature into an elevator speech.  Keep in mind written literature and spoken word are two completely different mediums and what works on paper might not necessarily translate well when spoken.

Some helpful words to use in your elevator speech

Direct words

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Enjoyment
  • Entertainment
  • Improvement
  • Less work
  • Money
  • Safety


Indirect Words

  • Affection
  • Appreciation
  • Approval
  • Popularity
  • Rest
  • Promotion
  • Prestige
  • Professional


Problem Words

  • Frustrated
  • Anxious
  • Concerned
  • Anger
  • Disapproval
  • Upset
  • Worried

Find 3 or 4 emotional trigger words that describe your offering.  Then narrow those down to two of the most important ones and come up with a sentence that amplifies these trigger words.

Anne mentions how it is important to know what personality you are speaking to when giving your elevator speech so you know which way to pitch your company.  She mentions that you should have different elevator speeches memorized for different personalities.

The different personalities are:

Direct: Want the facts and want you to get straight to the point

Influencers: Need to be told how great they are

Steady: Don’t like change

Ann gave us two sample ways to open our elevator speech

1. Promise to give something; You can have ____ and ______

2. Arouse suspense; Helping ___ can ___ and ____________

Finally your elevator speech should be around 50 words or 30 seconds long.

Here is an example of the one I came up with:

Are you the chief everything officer in your business?  Are you running 100 miles an hour and still can’t seem to get everything in your business done. Well, you can be more professional and spend less money by having 317 Virtual Services answer your phones, handle your administrative projects, schedule and host your meetings and sort your mail.  My name is Alexis Daly with 317 Virtual Services.  I am the Sales Manager and I want to know, Are you ready to start working on your business and not in it?

Finally we did an exercise where each member at the table shared their elevator speech, and then one person from each table was chosen to give their speech to a 4-judge panel. The Judge critiqued the elevator speeches and gave pointers. I was picked to present my speech.  I loved how interactive this session was and how we left with not just ideas but with an actual product to start using.

As an extra perk she shared with us her App. Whether you’re networking for new business, job-seeking, looking for investors or fundraising for your nonprofit, Anne’s cool app makes it easy and fast to prepare your own WowPitch™ introduction by clicking here.

During the session, she shared that if you are looking to practice your “business pitch,” you can join her VIP Circle by signing up here:

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