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Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs

March 1, 2012

Brogan, Chris,, “Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs .” Posted February 29th, 2012. Retrieved March 1st, 2012.

Being an entrepreneur is sometimes a lot of hard work and dedication. It can be easy to just want to give up but perseverance pays off. With this in mind, we’ve done some research and found the Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs and they include:

1) The Social Network – this movie based on the story of the creation of Facebook as well as its creator Mark Zuckerberg is a good movie about going from a concept to reality. How accurate this movie is remains up in the air but it does show you how an average person can go on to do really great things.

2) Twelve O’clock High – this one is a classic movie featuring Gregory Peck but it does show you how to manage people, how to oversee your managers and how to stay focused and sane in the sometimes crazy and stressful world of business.

3) Raiders of the Lost Ark – While Indiana Jones may not come to mind when you think about entrepreneurship, he is all about taking those leaps of faith when it comes to getting what he wants. This is just like in business many people often wish they would have took a leap of faith and went after what they wanted in business. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

4) Apollo 13 – this movie shows you how working together in times of stress can actually bring about an idea you have never even considered before. Especially when the astronauts were battling losing oxygen and they had to repair the system with little to do it with. They had to come up with a plan that would work for everyone. It’s a great look at working together.

5) Spartacus – this classic featuring Kirk Douglas looks at how a few people can make a difference when they work together for a cause.

6) The Blues Brothers – this one is an all-time favorite that shows how two men on a mission can make a difference in the world. Just like in business, no matter what your motivation or your cause is, when you are focused on the task at hand anything can be done.

7) Slumdog Millionaire – this movie shows that when you dream and go for it; you can achieve it. In this movie the guy goes after his dreams and ends up with the money and the girl. In business if you want it bad enough an go after it; you can achieve great things.

8) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension – Buck’s team is as dedicated as they come. They back Buck and his quests because they believe in him. Imagine how powerful your business could be with a rock solid team backing you 110%.

9) Casablanca – with Humphrey Bogart, this movie depicts a scene where the character Rick must finally think of something more than him and his needs. He must look at the bigger picture and make a sacrifice. In business you sacrifice a lot for your business but in doing so there will come a day when your business is greater than you ever imagined and the sacrifice was worth it.

10) The World’s Fastest Indian – this movie is inspiration for anyone who had a dream in their 40’s and beyond and was scared to go after it. This movie shows you that you are never too old to go after your dreams and what you want.

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