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What are your thoughts on Timeline?

December 21, 2011

Timeline is the new profile design for Facebook. Starting December 24th, whether you like the new layout or not, Timeline will be the new norm.

One of the most distinctive new features is the ‘Cover Photo’ – a large image that takes up the upper portion of your profile. Facebook urges uses to ‘fill this wide, open space with a unique image that represents you best.’  The way your content is now showcased is similar to the previous profile, just now in two columns following down your ‘timeline.’ You do have the option to ‘Feature’ a wall post, photo, or life event by clicking the star icon on the top right of the post, which expands the post over the two columns to be widescreen. There is also a section for your apps – so your friends can see what movie you just watched on Netflix, listen to the song you are jammin’ out to on Spotify, and see the impressive 3 miles you ran while using Nike+.

A feature that is quite interesting is the ‘Maps’ feature, where you can pin locations to photos you have, show where you have vacationed, tag your favorite places, and provide an online history of all of your major life events. My first thought when browsing through this feature is that this could potentially be an extreme breach of privacy, and for those who aren’t careful with their personal information, this could also be dangerous. What are your thoughts on the Map feature? Do you believe the privacy options that Facebook has provided are sufficient? I have my personal Facebook private – so those who are not my friends cannot see any part of my Map. But I wonder how secure Facebook’s privacy really is – if someone really wanted to see my Map, would they be able to somehow hack into my account to see it?

Overall, I do like the new layout and design. I believe that it is visually appealing, and it nurtures a great sharing environment between friends. It may take a bit to get used to, but my thoughts are that change is inevitable when it comes to technology, so why get too attached to a device, program or layout?

What are your thoughts on Timeline – if you had the option to stay with the original Facebook profile, would you? Or do you believe the stylish, new interface is a step-up from the past design?  Are you concerned with the vast amount of personal information that is now made available online?

Hana Boyce, Virtual Receptionist at 317 Virtual Services, LLC 

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