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White House Roundtable at Go for the Greens Conference Report

October 18, 2011

At the Go for the Greens conference, I had the opportunity to sit in on a white house roundtable hosted by Shaym Reedy with the GSA. (If you missed my previous two posts, you can find the first here and the second here).

The GSA has a Small Business Road Show Initiative.  The 1st goal is to give informative workshops about doing business with the GSA. They want to give businesses a chance to meet the “Primes,” who are the main contractors for different jobs going on with the GSA, and to give them a chance to win a subcontractor contract with them.  The second goal of it is to sit one on one with business owners from across the United States to get their feedback on what is and what is not working in legislation and regulations, as well as brainstorming on what small business owners need and want in order to do more business in the United States.

Shaym Reedy sat down with a panel of business women at the Go for the Greens conference and did just that.  It was interesting listening in on what was on the mind of the woman business owners.  Shaym admitted that he was surprised how well educated and involved theses woman were and how passionate they were about what need to be done.    He mentioned that you can go to and see the dates of where and when the Small Business Roadshow might be visiting your state.  You can also check out; there you can submit your ideas and they will be giving away 500 awards to the best ideas.

Alexis Daly, Sales Manager at 317 Virtual Services, LLC. 

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