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Google Related Serves Up Recommendations While You Surf

August 22, 2011

Albanesius, Chloe,, “Google Related Serves Up Recommendations While You Surf.”,2817,2391250,00.asp. Posted  8/17/11. Retrieved 8/22/11.

Search engines like Google are a good way to find a lot of information about a particular topic, but what about when you’re just perusing one Web site? A new tool from the search giant, dubbed Google Related, will provide recommendations as you surf.

Google Related is a new Chrome Extension and Google Toolbar feature that will show up as a small bar across the bottom of your screen. Looking at a Web site for a local restaurant? The Related bar will display maps, reviews, or other eateries in the area. Looking at your favorite band’s site? Related might display a YouTube video from a similar artist. If you like something, click the +1 button.

“Almost every time I go online, I come across some new topic or item that I’d like to learn more about. Sometimes it’s as simple as the latest buzz on the new shop down the street,” Ran Ben-Yair, a product manager with the Google Related team, wrote in a blog post. “Other times it’s something more significant, like a counterpoint to an opinion piece I’m reading. While the answer can be just a simple search away, we wanted to find a way to get some of those answers to you even faster.”

The Related bar will stay minimized unless you hover over it to get more details. In Chrome, the extension is available via the Chrome Web Store. In Internet Explorer, it has been added to the Google Toolbar. If you’re not interested, there’s the option to disable Related or hide the tool for specific Web sites via the Options menu.

Data collected via Related is similar to how Google collects search information. “The Related extension operates by sending Google certain information about your machine and web sites at the time you visit them, including the URL of the web site, your machine’s IP address, and one or more Google cookies. This data is retained in Google’s server logs and maintained according to our general Privacy Policy,” Google said.

Google currently anonymizes data after nine months.

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  1. September 13, 2011 9:03 pm

    That was type of inspiring! Totally unexpected. Now I know what I am heading to do tomorrow 🙂

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